Review: Santa’s Wrong Turn


Title: Santa’s Wrong Turn
Author: Cyndi Raye
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Release Date: October 2014
Length: 49 pages
Series?: novella
Genre: romance

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Lexi fears Christmas Eve, the night her parents never returned home. She tries to get through the night the best she can, but any thought of celebrating with others makes her want to crawl in a hole and hide. Lexi and her sister made a promise to get through Christmas Eve together unless one of them were ready to move on.

When her sister Lori makes other plans, Lexi thinks she’ll be alone for Christmas Eve until she finds a Santa washed up on her private beach in the Florida Keys. Looks like he took a wrong turn, or was it the right turn? A cute, short story about love, family and relationships during the winter holiday season.

A holiday winter romance by Cyndi Raye. Make sure to read Lori’s story in Save Me Santa, a christmas short story about finding love.

***** Review *****

Lexi and her twin are spending their first Christmas away from one another since the devastating death of their parents many years before. I get that they are the last each other has…but what about the rest of their family? That part of the storyline was too underdeveloped even for a novella and just too convenient.

This Christmas is different, though, because Lexi’s sister is ready for Christmas with plans that don’t include Lexi. Lexi secludes herself in her beach house (really? come on!) until a mysterious Santa ends up in her backyard beach.

Santa needs her help, but Lexi is still stuck in the pain of the past. Instead of spending Christmas with welcoming strangers, she chooses to spend it alone…until one phone call ruins all of her plans and makes it a Christmas to remember.

The plot of the story was a little convoluted in the beginning. I felt like I was going on a wild roller coaster ride. It just felt like there were some big gaps in the first half of the novella, which was extraordinarily short for a novella. Perhaps that’s why.

I did like Santa’s family, though, quite a bit. It reminded me very vividly of my own large, crazy, loving family.

***** About the Author *****

xyzCyndi Raye is a romance author who lives in the beautiful Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. Cyndi loves romance and the Florida Keys. She loves nature, loves to stroll along the beach on a moon-lit night and spends time reading as much as she can.

Cyndi loves romance, evening walks and spending time with her lover when she isn’t writing. She says that no matter who you are or what you are doing, you’re never too busy to add a bit of romance to your life. Spicing things up keeps the relationship alive.

Her love of the islands of the American Caribbean inspired Cyndi to write amazing stories for her readers to escape from every day life, if just for a little while.

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