Review + Giveaway: Glimmers

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Title: Glimmers
Author: Barbara Brooke
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Release Date: June 2014
Length: 228 pages
Series?: Glimmers #1
Genre: Chick Lit, Paranormal

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Glimmers-2240-640x1024A simple touch and suddenly, Paige is in the past – living someone else’s life, seeing the world through their eyes, and feeling their deepest emotions.

Paige used to think memories only existed in one’s mind. But now, she knows better. She can’t explain how or why, but she has glimmers: special moments that have remained behind – clinging to a letter, a ring, even a worn-out pair of boots.

When Paige returns from each glimmer, a small part of her has changed. Who is this gourmet cook, fashion designer, feisty lover? And how is she supposed to explain this to her family without them thinking she has completely lost her mind?

Paige thought her new talent was a gift, until…she was suddenly transported into her sister’s memory, and caught a glimmer of her secret life.

Take this humorous and romantic journey, as Paige learns about true love through the lives of three extraordinary women.

***** Review *****

The title is absolutely perfect for this book. Paige gets just a glimmer into the lives of three women, all whom are connected back to her own life in some way. This new talent has some great points to it, and some drawbacks. The best part is that after getting a glimmer into someone else’s life, Paige aquires some of that person’s actual talent or a slight bit of their personality.

The first person Paige glimmers is Delilah Jones, a young local girl working at the local resort in Lewisburg, West Virginia. It’s the summer of 1988, and it is the classic Dirty Dancing theme of upper class vs. lower class scenario. Delilah falls hard for a young William, and things don’t quite work out as planned thanks in large part to his mother. When Paige returns to her life, the worse-than-horrible cook she is has been transformed into a novice chef.

Even though I asked him not to tell anyone about us, I figured he’d at least tell his parents. And just like that, our secret and forbidden romance isn’t as thrilling or electrifying.

I freeze in the center of my driveway, feeling as if I could crumble. 

No, I’m not giving in that easily. 

“I love you,” I shout into the night air, and wait. 

The car stops, and after what seems like an eternity, his door opens. 

“It’s about time you said it,” he says, and a ghost of a smile rolls across his lips. 

Now more than ever I’m determined to make my dream come true. Heck, I’ll be too busy creating a new world for myself to ever bother with falling in love again. I wasn’t kidding when I told William I wanted to open a restaurant right here in Lewisburg, West Virginia. But first, I’ll go somewhere tropical. I can see myself strolling along sandy beaches, while dreaming up recipes for my restaurant. One day Désirez will be a huge success.

Then, things get up close and personal for Paige. She is helping her sister plan her wedding…only, her sister doesn’t seem too interested in her own wedding! Paige is running the entire show – even selecting the dress, trying on the ring for size, and acting as the stand-in for the final fitting. But when Paige goes to pick up the ring and tries it on for size, she is one again caught in a glimmer, and what she learns about her sister sets up the entire rest of the novel. Her sister is indeed keeping a HUGE secret!

I know he’d do anything to make me happy. I wish he could find someone else to make happy. I don’t want to crush him. In a strange way, I still wish I could be the right woman for him.

Paige is, to say the least, furious with her sister. Worse yet, her own husband works with her sister’s fiancee. It all feels so bizarre to Paige, who drags husband Elliott into the mix.

The last person Paige glimmers is an ancestor, after receiving her dressing table and antique mirror. As a child Paige would search the dressing table for the long-rumored hidden compartment. It is here that Paige finds, at the behest of her mother, a pair of Emma’s cameo earrings. Emma brings fashion and a big sweet tooth into Paige’s life.

Mr. Grant departs from my sight as swifly as he had appeared, and I am left feeling conflicted. Perhaps I have been unfair to him and ought to give him a chance to warm my heart. I stand, wringing my hands as I stare at the space Mr. Grant had only just occupied. I shall ponder my feeling for the poor man later. There are quite a few colorful dresses that could quite possibly fill the void inside my soul.

“It is a pity you must return so quickly.” 

“I hope you don’t mind my saying, but I was under the impression you would rejoice in my absence.” 

“I am not entirely certain how you could have arrived at such an idea.” 

“On my journey back, I came upon a most unsettling realization.”

“Oh, and of what realization did you come by, Mr. Andrew?” I look up, returning his powerful gaze. 

“Are you in love with him?” 

When Paige agrees to host Hailey’s bridal/couple shower, she also decides to take the bull by the horns and help her sister out…only it ends up being a complete disaster that Elliott so graciously and smoothly intercepts. Paige comes face-to-face with more than one person from her glimmers, and along the way is resolved that she is not cuckoo in her glimmers.

Hailey leans closer and says in a hush, “It has to do with her glimmers…tell you about it later.” 

“He knows about my glimmers?” I ask in astonishment.

I’m imagining all of the good times we’ll all have together when I notice Elliott’s staring at me. He inches closer and softly touches his lips to mine. 

“I love you Paige. Everything about you…even the nutty parts,” he says earnestly.

***** About the Author *****

Currently, Barbara Brooke resides in sunny Florida with her supportive husband, two adorable children, gorgeous greyhounds, and scruffy mutt. She is actively creating new worlds and interesting characters for the next book in one of her series. Shhhh, can you keep a secret? Not only does she write spellbinding, heart-pounding women’s fiction, she also writes books for the young-at-heart, adventurous sort who yearn to dive into a good young adult fantasy story. These particular books are written under the name H.B. Bolton, but that is another story altogether.

Find the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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