Review: Mary Christmas


Title: Mary Christmas
Author: Gail Elaine Mewes
Publisher: Amazon Digital
Release Date: November 2012
Length: 118 pages
Series?: no
Recommended Age: 8+

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Mrs. Claus has a secret!

It’s dangerous and exciting, too! The North Pole will never be the same. Sure to become a Christmas classic, this delightful tale will warm your heart. A wonderful story for the entire family.

***** Review *****

Who knew there was a story behind Mrs. Claus? She seems to get passed over by many and seen as a supporter of Santa and the elves. The book tracks back to how Mary and Chris (Santa) kept meeting over the years, and how she finally came to be Mrs. Claus.

This was a short, quick read and it was adorably sweet. Mary only wants to help and do her own part for Christmas. She gets her opportunity after Santa receives a very special Christmas request.

For years he had tried to ignore the fact that modern children wanted more challenging toys than the little red wagons and yoyos of yesteryear. 

Chamorri is the elf who has brought the North Pole into the 21st century technology, and he takes charge in creating new gadgets to help Mary complete her new Christmas mission. All is set for a go after Santa leaves the North Pole to deliver presents around the world on Christmas Eve.

Only, Santa hates secrets, and Mary and Chamorri have been keeping a BIG one from him for weeks planning Mary’s Christmas Eve outing.

Wonderlust is the magic that Mother Nature uses to fill people’s hearts with wonder when they see a first snow, witness the beauty of a new season, or hold a newborn baby. 

This book was adorably cute and the way Mary is tied in to to story with her Christmas mission will always make me think a falling star on Christmas Eve is none other than Mrs. Claus herself, delivering the gift of love around the world.

2 thoughts on “Review: Mary Christmas

  1. This looks really sweet! I would enjoy sharing it with my daughters! Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday! Hope your Advent/countdown to Christmas is going well!

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