Sunday Post (November 23)

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This past week has been quite mellow for fall months. My students were spot-on throughout the week with what we were doing, so it just made everything run smoother during the week.

Yesterday my oral reading students competed in a UIL practice meet. I had two students who just joined the team and haven’t attended any practices, and one of them placed first! I am excited to see how much they all grow from now until the real competition at the end of January.

Tuesday I came home and a few of my jewelry pieces on top of my long dresser were out of place. I keep most of my earrings in two small dishes, and all of my post earrings are in a small, flat jewelry box with tiny compartments. I keep the lid of this open, propped up against one of my jewelry boxes. The lid was closed, and a couple pieces from the two dishes were strewn across the top of the dresser. There is also a glass top that sits on top of the dresser, so if it is bumped (usually on one of the corners) it becomes skewed across the top. At first I thought someone had been there, but nothing was taken…and Baby already had that look that she knew she was in trouble.

lamb-chopThen I discovered the shredded remains, white fluff and a squeaker in the living room. It was all that was left of the small Lamb Chop stuffed toy I had on my dresser. Baby somehow maneuvered around a stack of boxes on the end of the dresser where the toy was, grabbed it off the top but somehow messed up some of the jewelry without knocking anything off the dresser top. I was impressed with her determination to get that toy (and now I know my fuzzy Panda socks will be next), but was so mad at her.

There will be a surprise on the blog this week! See if you can find out which post does not usually belong. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Post (November 23)

  1. That’s awful about your Lamb Chop toy. Protect those socks! I had a friend who had a dog that got into a box of Godiva chocolates. She very careful tipped the lid off and then proceeded to eat each individual piece very neatly. Luckily it was a small box and a big dog but it took him forever to figure out who had eaten his chocolate! Congrats to your students! Hope they do well in the competition in January!

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