Sunday Post (October 26)

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I just got back from Georgia yesterday. It was a long trip since I did all of the driving. We left Austin about 8:00 Tuesday night and arrived Wednesday at lunch time. JB’s Turning Blue ceremony was Thursday morning at Ft. Benning, and his graduation ceremony was Friday morning at the National Infantryman Museum in Columbus. He will be shipping out in two weeks to go to Hawaii. You know where I’ll be vacationing next summer! 🙂


This is the road into Columbus. I love it. I looked forward to driving down this road (this time as the driver). It is so quiet, peaceful and beautiful. I wish I could bring it home with me. I would love to drive it every day.


My youngest brother, TJ, did not survive the ride through the night.

10360188_10152481674772643_4504203384498778430_nJB’s platoon. He’s in the very back row, which means he’s one of the shortest in his platoon. :/ We couldn’t see him during the ceremony, which was much quicker than EJ’s was four years ago. It wasn’t as cold as the last time, either.


JB has been officially made into an infantryman! He said he was missing his mortar man badge, but then his dress uniform is complete…for now. He is excited to go to Hawaii. I think it will be good for him to see and experience more than small town life.

There will be more to come about his actual graduation ceremony.

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For my folks who posted Friday and Saturday, I’m sorry if I’ve left out your fantastic posts! There were so many great things happening all around, so our list today is pleasantly filled with a variety of things. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Sunday Post (October 26)

  1. Whoa! That’s exciting stuff happening! And yay for a Hawaii visit next year! 😉

    No books. :/ That’s always a bittersweet kind of week, because on the one hand you saved money and didn’t add anything to the ever growing TBR pile, but then on the other hand…there’s no new books!?! So yeah…bittersweet.

    Hope you enjoy your week and maybe make a dent in the TBR pile!

    Here’s my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  2. Your trip photos look great and sunny. I am sorry elsewhere in your life that things didn’t work out. You sound positive about it all and I wish you well.

  3. Your trip sounds wonderful and I’m glad you had a nice time. My grandmother is actually from Columbus and that’s actually where she met my grandfather (he was Army) but I’ve never been.
    I’m sorry about the engagement but your attitude sounds incredibly healthy. I can’t image all the logistical nightmares it will cause but I think it sounds like this is a relationship that it’s best to be out of. You don’t want to be legally tied to someone who is unwilling to stick in hard times. I hope you have a good week and things start getting better.

    • Columbus is nice city, and I love being on base with all of the pine trees (primarily at Sand Hill). There are so many trees it’s incredible. I wish we could have trees like that here in central Texas, but maybe then I wouldn’t appreciate them as much. I am looking at all of this engagement and relationship downfall in the best light I can that maintains my own integrity. It’s better to know now than later.

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