Sunday Post (October 5)

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This past week marked the final week for the first grading period. No matter how much I stressed to kiddos how important their homework was percentage-wise for their grade, I still had some lovelies who did not pass because of homework. I think a few of them are in for a shock when they get their report cards next week.

I had my very first flat last week – on the very morning I was supposed to have kids coming to make test corrections. Go figure, right? This really nice guy waiting to pick up his cousin helped me out. However, I am being very vigilant and on-the-look-out because it was a VERY shiny, practically brand new, screw in my tire. Mind you, I took my car in just yesterday to get its 10,000 mile check up, and there was a car that peeled out of the complex (after having its parking lights on while I took Baby out) right when I started to back out. Coincidence? I think not.

I am prepping for the second trip to Georgia. This time it will only be my mom and two brothers going with, so we don’t have to rent a vehicle. We’ll go in my Jeep, and bring back my Hawaiian-bound brother.

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Y’all. I got four books in the mail last week. One was from The Story Plant, but I have no idea who the others are from! I think I ordered one, but I’m not sure….

As you can see, after grading and entering grades I am too exhausted to give you pictures.

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Post (October 5)

  1. That’s very strange about the tire. I’d have definitely been on high alert as well! Glad that someone was able to help you though. Sounds like school has gone a bit crazy for you. Hopefully you’ll get all your grades in and have a little down time. Enjoy your trip to Georgia and have a great week!

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