September Monthly Chit Chat

September News

September went by in a flash! This is the last week in the first six weeks of the school year, and as the year has gotten underway I have become exhausted.

Daniel got rear-ended this month AND messed up his knee at work. His truck had minimal damage (even though it was $1600!) and was paid by the insurance of the guy who hit the lady who then hit Daniel. I’d hate to see that guy’s insurance costs now! Daniel was cleared to go back to work with no further need for therapy, but I am nervous that he might have another mishap. I know part of it is me just being paranoid, but he works HARD everyday delivering in the downtown Austin area. He goes up and down more stairs now than we did at Texas State going up the stairs in front of the Alkek Library.

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Thoughts on Thursdays ~ Discussion Post

I feel that I stepped up my discussion posts this month. Well, except for my confessions one. Go check out the discussions and chime in!

Tours & Blasts

I really parred down my commitments this month. Here’s a quick recap of September tour reviews, blasts and giveaways:



Oh, September.

In September I participated in the Tackle Your TBR Challenge. My goal was six books. You can check out my challenge post here, and my wrap up post here.

September 30 also brings the Summer Bookish Bingo to an end. Check out my original post here, and my wrap up post here.

In September I completed…

As you can see, I am getting making a little headway for some of my goals. I really need to work on my NetGalley/Edelweiss Challenge and my Non-Fiction Challenge. I think I have a few books I will review in November that will boost me closer to these two goals.

Next month I am taking part in the So Behind! Review-A-Thon hosted by Krystal at Books Are My Thing. The Review-A-Thon will run from October 10-12.

Fall Months of Reviews by Genre

Folks, it’s here!! Yep, we are fast approaching fall, and with that I will be featuring one genre each month. This idea came upon me in the spring as a means to clean out my ever growing TBR pile on my Kindle. September will be sizzling with romances!

October will be dedicated to reviews of all crimes and mysteries.

November will be dedicated to reviews of diverse reads.

December will be dedicated to reviews of all things Christmas and winter.

Reading Updates

Read in September:

Bluegrass Undercover  Bluegrass State of Mind  Brazilian Job  17255938  Scornfully Yours  396000

On My Plate for October:

19561924 19058665 21863863 11512394 19040024 20586931 21850762

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