Next Month: October Outrage!

As you guys know (if you’ve been keeping up for the last month), this month I started a monthly feature where I am reviewing only one genre all month long. As a companion to those reviews I am also featuring authors who have input about the featured genre or write within that genre.

This entire month-long feature came about earlier this year after I participated in a couple of March clean-your-reader/spring cleaning challenges. I went cold turkey on downloading free books. The rate at which I was downloading free books each week was higher than most people’s reading goals for the year!

I needed a rehaul. The blog needed work, I needed work, my processes needed work. But I was still getting flooded with books. So I took the plunge that some book bloggers have (which I thought didn’t work very well) and stopped accepting books for review. Since May, I have stalemated all review requests. It has helped tremendously!

I wasn’t sure how well this month-long feature would go over, but I surprised myself. September was the first month I started, and I feel like a lot was accomplished. True, I didn’t get much cleaned out of my Kindle, but it’s a start!

In September I featured these September Sizzlers:


October will be a month of Outrage!

Scary. Dangerous. Mysterious. Criminal. Murder. 

18759482A while back – before summer started – I read this GREAT crime novel, Enough Rope by P.L. Doss, that solidified my decision to do these month-long review features. I was thirsting for more crime and mystery novels! I knew October would be the perfect time to share these, even though I wanted to get started right that minute and read everything crime/mystery/suspense that I owned.

Here are a few of the titles I am planning on featuring:

19561924   19058665   21863863   11512394   19040024   20586931   21850762   


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