Sunday Post (September 14)

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The first two weeks of school I was hearing grumping and complaining, “Why do we have to write?” *whine whine whine*

This week, though? They were thrilled that we wrote! We only wrote on Monday and Friday because we had other warm ups, but when I tell them to wrap up their entry they start complaining they’re not finished!! Now that is a good complaint. 🙂

My kids are learning poetry – terms and examples – and we are looking at different pieces of poetry. They have their first test on Wednesday! When I was their age I didn’t get poetry at all. Now that I’m older, though, I am very in tune with poetry. Perhaps I’ll post a few of my pieces….

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I received Safe Haven and Secrets in the Tome Tender giveaway! I also found some really good FREE books this week, too!

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September has definitely brought a slightly cooler weather to Texas. However, don’t cool your reading jets because the 2014 Tackle Your TBR Read-A-Thon is ON! Go get signed up. Here is the page with my goals and growing list of immediate TBR books.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Post (September 14)

  1. Dogs can drive you crazy that way! Cats get mad and seek revenge but dogs get their feelings hurt. You talking about your students writing reminded me of this class I had in college. It was a Tuesday Thursday class and each class we had to have a 1 page essay arguing a point we had gone over the class before. I got more out of that class than any other because it really helped me learn how to organize my thoughts coherently and quickly. I wish I had dome something like that in 7th grade! Have a great week!

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