August Monthly Chit Chat

August News

August ushers in the beginning of the new school year, and with it goes my freedom. I returned to the classroom. I was proud that I only spent two days prior to our service and work days setting up my classroom, but I am so thankful I took those two days to do so. Our two half-day workdays? They were filled with meetings, still.

I am hoping my class sizes stay relative to what they are currently. Last year, I had 85 students in on-level classes and 53 Pre-AP students between two classes. I had over 130 students, and my counterpart had barely 105. It seems this year we flip flopped – and I will take it! Here’s to hoping! 😉

I finally got a letter from JB. It’s taking a week for incoming and outgoing mail out of Ft. Benning. I just sent off my second letter last week. Oh, and look what I found!


The family feud has escalated. My uncle had citations served, and pretty much all of the relevant and important information in the document — that he and my grandfather signed and swore to as true and prepared by his attorney — was wrong. The item has been placed on the court docket. It will be very interesting to see if he throws a fit in the courtroom because he can’t keep his cool when the judge corrects his — and his attorney’s — errors.

My jungle is doing marvelous! My mother is jealous.

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Thoughts on Thursdays ~ Discussion Post

I finally started discussion posts! I know, I know. I am so behind on the times.

Things that piqued my interest in August:

Tours & Blasts

In both my Tour Organization and Minimizing posts, I talked about downsizing my tour and blast efforts. Even though school starting means that I will have less time to read, I want to amp up my reading for the review end of the blog.

That doesn’t mean I’m doing away with tours and blasts altogether. I don’t think I could ever leave Candace or Renee; they are just too good at what they do! They make my part easy as pie.

Here’s a quick recap of August tour reviews, blasts and giveaways:


August also brought along the Beat the Heat read-a-thon. My goal was to read 8 books. Check out the challenge and my goals here.

In August I completed…

  •  70 / 52 books for Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge
  •  8 / 25 books for NetGalley & Edelweiss Challenge
  • 21 / 26 books for Alphabet Soup Challenge (I only need J, N, U, X and Z!)
  • 53 / 20 books for Women’s Challenge
  • 11 / 15 books for Historical Challenge
  • 2 / 5 books for Non-Fiction Challenge
  • 42  / 50 books for Summer Reading Challenge
  • 20 / 25 books for Bookish Bingo!

As you can see, I am getting close for most of my goals! I have already taken care of two, and I have my Summer Reading and Bookish Bingo all planned out. I also have plans to meet my NetGalley challenge through my Fall Months of Review by Genre…which might also boost up my historical reading for the Historical challenge.

Fall Months of Reviews by Genre

Folks, it’s here!! Yep, we are fast approaching fall, and with that I will be featuring one genre each month. This idea came upon me in the spring as a means to clean out my ever growing TBR pile on my Kindle. September will be sizzling with romances!

September will be dedicated to reviews of romances.

October will be dedicated to reviews of all crimes and mysteries.

November will be dedicated to reviews of diverse reads.

December will be dedicated to reviews of all things Christmas and winter.

Reading Updates

Read in August:

cover1000 22493296 An American Girl in Italy unnamed (4) 22066928 unnamed (5) Print 22081556 15717986 Neurotica 22464926

On My Plate for September:

Tycoon's Vacation Scornfully Yours Fire at Dusk Fire at Dawn Conditional Love Caught Up in Us Brazilian Job Born to Be Wild Bluegrass Undercover Bluegrass State of Mind Billionaire Wins the Game

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