Next Month: September Sizzlers

I started reading romance novels when I was in sixth or seventh grade. My mom was a fanatic (and ironically, so is D’s mom) and had an entire stack three deep of books as tall as one of my brother’s behind our back door, and another large stash on a large table that butted up to my bunk bed.

In those stacks were two books that hold special places in my reading heart.

1160066The first is none other than Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. With Starz FINALLY getting the TV series underway, it is creating a lot of hype about the series. I am a big history fanatic, but a romantic at heart, so all of those mail-order bride, Victorian romances and other historical romances always hit the spot.

Outlander is the book I talk about that is my favorite book of all time. That’s right, ALL TIME.

The other book that I fell in love with is actually crumbling. After we moved in March I couldn’t find it. I remember specifically packing it with my nightstand stuff, but it wasn’t there…turns out, I packed two nightstand boxes. I finally found it in June, and had to separate it from my bookshelf so that it doesn’t get damaged more than it is.

622475    20140823_183753

Earlier in the year, after the March clean-your-reader challenges, I had to put the breaks on a growing obsession: free books. I was downloading books at so fast a rate each week, that was in the range of the goals some people set for the year! It was getting insanely crazy. I had to put a stop to it.

My first step was deciding to stop accepting books for review at the end of April. My second step, I know admit, seems like I’m shooting myself in the foot. This fall, starting in September, I am reviewing books by genre. Each month will feature a different genre aaaaallll month long.

I know that can seem monotonous and overkill, but otherwise I don’t know how I’m going to get my Kindle cleared out efficiently.

September will be the month of Sizzlers!

Sweet. Sexy. Steamy. Romance.

Here are just a few of the books I will be featuring….

Aristotle and Dante Billionaire Wins the Game Bluegrass State of Mind Bluegrass Undercover Born to Be Wild Brazilian Job Caught Up in Us Conditional Love Fire at Dawn Fire at Dusk Fresh Temptation Hired by the Cowboy Scornfully Yours Tycoon's Vacation


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