Review: Frankie Dupont And The Mystery Of Enderby Manor

22066928Title: Frankie Dupont and the Mystery of Enderby Manor
Author: Julie Anne Grasso
Release Date: July 2014
Length: 135 pages
Series?: not yet…
Genre: Children’s/Middle Grades, mystery
Format: e-book

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When his cousin Kat disappears from Enderby Manor, Frankie Dupont jumps on the case. Bumbling Inspector Cluesome is convinced that Kat is lost in Myrtle’s Mesmerising Maze, but Frankie isn’t buying it.

He follows the evidence trail to a conniving concierge, a six fingered chef, a talking parrot, a mad maid and a shifty dwarf, and quickly finds himself in a desperate race to recover Kat before her time runs out…


According to Goodreads, this is “An exciting new illustrated middle grade mystery series for children aged 8-12.” So, I suppose it will be turning into a series!

Frankie Dupont is one pretty phenomenal young man. His dad is a PI, and Frankie obviously looks up to him from the many comments that Frankie makes about his investigation into his cousin Kat’s disappearance at Enderby Manor.

Frankie is first on the scene and methodically goes through his investigation, retracing Kat’s steps from the morning of her disappearance and interviewing witnesses. He notices a few key things that various Enderby Manor employees are and are not saying. He’s taking everything under consideration and leaving nothing out, but that’s hard to due with the condescending and very clueless Inspector Cluesome around. Seriously, the guy needs to get some clues.

Frankie gets the feeling after coming to a dead end that each employee is hiding something. Slowly Frankie unravels these things after getting some helpful clues from Kat herself and a helping hand from the new teen employee, Lachy.

After Frankie unraveled the mystery of Kat’s disappearance and the strangeness of Enderby Manor, the ending snowballed from there and it turned out to be a great day…and a really nice payday for Frankie himself a little while down the road.

This book is very fast-paced, but Frankie is a grade A kid. Despite being very tempted to tell of Inspector Cluesome, he remains calm and respectful while trying to figure out what’s happened to Kat. This was a great, light, fun read and I look forward to more adventures with Frankie.

*****About the Author*****

6545447With a background in paediatric nursing, Julie Anne Grasso spent many years literally wrapping children in cotton wool. Every day she witnessed great courage and resilience from the tiny people she cared for, which inspired her to write stories about a little girl elf just like them.

She lives in Melbourne Australia with her husband Danny and their little elf Giselle.

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9 thoughts on “Review: Frankie Dupont And The Mystery Of Enderby Manor

  1. I found your review through Saturday Situation. Although I’m too old for this book, it sounds like a fun mystery. The cover is really cute too!

    Kero @ KBB

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