Sunday Post (August 17)

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I found out last week that I have to get another colposcopy (aka cervical biopsy.) 😦 This will be the third one I’ve had since I turned 23, and there’s little doubt in my mind that I will have to continue this for the rest of my life. Hopefully my cells stay abnormal and don’t go past the low grade status. In terms of cancer, I’m at the 1 out of 4 stage: abnormal, low grade, high grade, cancer. I have pretty much reconciled and made my peace with this entire thing when I was sent out of my university health center with a packet of paperwork and test results that had the words “cancer” and “pre-cancerous” EVERYWHERE. Talk about freaking out your patients. That was the summer I lost those 50 pounds I’ve talked about. There wouldn’t be a correlation there, eh? 😉

I had to take Baby to the vet to get all of her shots. When we came home she would not leave my side. She even crawled under my legs when I was on the toilet!! She was so upset she was shaking.

I started putting my classroom together and getting things rolling for the first week of school. After getting my key on the 5th, I checked out my room to make sure nothing of mine “disappeared” over the summer. I walked in and there was this absolutely disgusting smell. I went right to my principal and told her my room smelled like cat piss.  I’m sure that was a first for her, even with 20+ years in the education field. Our school is notorious for having live and dead mice in hiding places, including the A/C ducts and vents. Blyuck!

Teachers in my district officially went back on Friday. I was prepared for the worst when my principal released our agenda. First thing on the list: performance. We are constantly compared to our sister middle school, which has master teachers and few discipline issues, and thus scores better than my school has in the past. This year? In my grade level subject area we were tied equally in three subgroups, and my school did better than the sister school in the other two subgroups. We did better than the state scores (in my class). This was a BIG thing for me and my counterpart, as we were both first-year teachers last year, and our counterparts at our sister school had over 25 years of combined experience in our subject. The icing on the cake was that we did more than just meet the standard; we earned three distinctions (out of seven). Two of our distinctions were in math and language arts, and the third was for the top 25 student progress category. Only two (of seven other campuses) earned one distinction each. Our kids rocked it last year!

School is back in session, parents!

Here’s a picture of what my classroom looked like before:


I’ve worked two days in my room, but I still have a few things left to get finished. Hopefully by next week I’ll have finalized photos to share.

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The Annual Beat the Heat Read-A-Thon is under way! You have until August 24 to sign up, and it runs through the end of August. Here’s my challenge page for it. With school starting, we’ll see how successful I will be in meeting my goals!

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Post (August 17)

  1. Hope the smell got better. That sounds awful! Congrats on the performance review. What great feedback! You’ve got some great reviews coming up. I’ve been wondering about The Red Necklace, The Girls of August and An American Girl in Italy. Have a great week!

    • The smell has gotten better – if only masked. We’ll see if it’s truly gone when the Glade plug-in the custodial staff stuck in my wall outlet (which violates fire code!) burns itself out.

      I thought I would enjoy Yefon: The Red Necklace a lot, since I’m a big history (including anthropology) buff, but it just didn’t do much for me. I just couldn’t understand Yefon and her complexities and childishness.

  2. I’m crossing my fingers for the results of your coloscopy *hugs*. Baby was obviously shocked but it’s good you were there for her. The kitchen in my working place ? It’s condemned – because of rats ! In the walls, mind you. So we eat on our desks until the technicians find where they come in. Enjoy your week 😉

    • Thanks, Iza! I’m hoping the results come back the same as they’ve been both times before, low down on the totem pole of concern, but enough that it warrants monitoring just in case.

      Oh, my gosh. I hope they eradicate the rats soon! Sometimes you need a change of scenery, even for your lunch break!

      Have a fantabulous week!

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