Sunday Post (July 27)

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This past week was a drag for me. I still cannot get back on my sleep schedule, and it’s wreaking havoc on my body. As I write this it is 4:30 in the morning, I’ve just finished two books in the last 24 hours, I just took a shower and did dishes…and I have not gone to sleep since my cat nap at three yesterday afternoon. I even took a melatonin at 7:30! You guys have any suggestions how to get me back to my normal grandma bedtime?

This week I also had it rough with Baby. Since summer is winding down and I’m going to be setting my classroom up within the next few weeks and getting back in the swing of things, I’ve been having to put Baby in her kennel. She can stay out for short periods of time, but we left her out once all day and she destroyed the comforter. I think she just gets bored. Anyway, she fought me to go in her kennel. She’d run into our bedroom, run into the bathroom to hide. As if I couldn’t see her! I’d get her in the living room and have to wrestle her into her kennel. It’s difficult because she put up a fight. Since she has webbed feet, I didn’t want to injure any of her paws…and then she started sticking her head back, up over the top of the kennel doorframe so that if I pusher her in, I’d choke her. I actually hurt my back the last time we went rounds. Despite having all the momma-baby time in the world, I have felt like shit all week since the last kennel incident…and Baby has made sure I know it. I couldn’t stand it so one day I took her for a ride. And by ride, I mean she gets to go down the street and through the drive-thru for french fries. (She inherited that wonderful craving from me.) This time I threw in a hamburger. And that night? Kisses and feet-licks for all!

…. But I still haven’t tried putting her in the kennel again. I made her eat in it one day, putting her food bowl in it to reacquaint her with her kennel, but I have the feeling that the next time will be the same as the last. Again, I ask you wonderful lovelies, any suggestions?

AAAAAND lastly….my grandpa got a second home visit before his move to a third facility that is over an hour away (all thanks to my “Christian” uncle). It was a short visit, thanks again to that “Christian” uncle who restricted his time out to only 4 hours, when his current facility is almost an hour away. Despite that, it was a good time and I hope more motivation for my grandpa. At least we can rest a little easier knowing there are no issues right now with his appetite – he ate two whole plates of food! This is only a very small representation of my family – three (of six) of his children, three (of five) spouses – my dad is standing right over my right shoulder with all his white hair puffing out of his hat, six (of seventeen) grandchildren – all in the middle row, and two (of 8, soon to be 9) great-grandchildren.


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Around Town in the Spotlight

Have you heard? Amazon has announced the new program Kindle Unlimited. Valerie covered it pretty well in her Hump Day post. It kind of pisses me off since I bought Amazon Prime right around the time I started up this book blog, and I searched and searched to find out how the Kindle Lending Library worked, and couldn’t, so I just bought Amazon Prime and found out I could only get one book a month, and now there is Kindle Unlimited! But I doubt I will be purchasing it.

Brittany’s post about her diversity as a reader hit on a point that I made some months back. Remember when I asked for help finding more diverse reads? Well, reading her post made me re-think that whole thing, but I am still going to do a month of diverse reads in the fall.

Laura shared her top 5 DNF books. What are your top DNF books? 

4 thoughts on “Sunday Post (July 27)

  1. That’s awful about your sleep schedule. At least you’re being productive I guess. Hopefully it will right itself soon. Maybe keep taking the melatonin and don’t stress about it. Definitely doesn’t sound like fun. The kennel issue doesn’t either. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a problem with a dog not going it. We have a cushion in there and I just throw in a treat and in she goes. Good luck!

  2. I’m sorry your going thru this nonsense. Doggies are tough sometimes. It sounds like baby might need another walk added or extended to her routine. I had a crazy crazy puppy and that was what we had to do with to keep her from reeking havoc. Just a suggestion since I don’t know how much she walks now. Sadly my puppy started nipping and with my baby on the way we couldn’t risk it 😦 but at least she went to a friend and I see her all the time and she is still alil crazy too 🙂 sorry to fab
    Make good luck with your doggy and bedtime!

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