Road Trip!

Tomorrow D and I will be leaving Texas for the first time together. It will be a well-traveled trip for him, but totally new to me…and also my first real road trip.

Growing up, his family drove all over the place, one trip a year, plus going to both grandparents (one in Pennsylvania and one in Louisiana). The joke is that his mom is notorious for having her nose stuck in a book, but looking up and telling them the exit or turn right after they passed it up. And the men in his family are notorious for driving straight through with no bathroom breaks.

So, where are we going? We are going to visit his dad’s relatives, including grandma, in Acme, Pennsylvania. Since D started working for his company at age 19, he has not been able to go up there (or to the other grandparents) for Christmas, summer or anything else. For him, this is a long overdue trip.

Here’s a map of our journey. As you can see, we have a lot of construction to look forward to…and a loooooong drive. I got my Jeep serviced last week, so we are ready to go!

road map


I have no idea what exactly we will be doing while we are up there, but when D mentioned we’d be going through Memphis, well, I told him in no uncertain terms that one way or another we would be stopping for me to see Memphis.

Unfortunately, his grandmother refuses to let us bring Baby into her house, and after learning about the trip, D’s parents all of a sudden enforced the same embargo, so I’m not too happy. For the many trips they have gone on in the last two years, we have not only taken care of their dog, but also their cattle. All I can say is karma! 😀

Thankfully we have dog-lover friends who stepped up to the plate. I am a little devastated that Baby will not be with us, and that we will be away from her for so long, even though it’s only a week. She will definitely need some mama-baby therapy when we get back, and cozied up to me last night in bed, which is very rare.

Since I will be gone the entire week, most likely without internet access, there will be no weekly memes this week. 😦 Everything else for next week is all ready, and when we come back I will update you all with pictures and a post!

Are you taking a trip or vacation this summer? I love travel and learning about new places, so tell me all about it in the comments!

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