My Brothers Graduated!

I have three brothers, all younger than me. Both of the younger ones graduated this year, and my first brother (now 21) is getting discharged from the Army. One is coming home, and another is going in!

My very babiest of baby brothers, TJ,  graduated from 8th grade this year. He goes to a very small school (think 80 kids) that is only K-8. He had one of the larger graduating classes, with 13 graduates. Five of those students have been there since kindergarten.

After 8th grade, students can choose to go to two public schools because they are smack in between both districts, or a new degree track “academy” where Victoria College used to be. Several opted to go to this academy. TJ will be going to the same high school me, all my brothers, my mother and all her siblings attended. Unfortunately, the senior English teacher that taught my mother and her five siblings, all the way down the line to all the older cousins and down to us, retired last year. 😦

Then, like his two big brothers, he will be joining the US Army. Yes, my 14 year old brother DID want to wear the tux. He asked for it specifically.

received 1 of 2 Outstanding Writer awards
A-B Honor Roll
the graduating class
TJ and Mom
one of the moms told my mother her son should be in GQ..she meant the one in the tux! …but shouldn’t JB, too?

That boy in the tux? This was him three years ago, when EJ graduated. He’s grown up, hasn’t he? No longer the little squirt home from the hospital I’d give a bottle to late at night.

TJ – 2011

My middle brother, JB, graduated from high school. Here is a picture of him from this past season. He is following in his older brother’s bootsteps and going into the United States Army. He will be shipping out to basic training at Ft. Benning, GA in about a month. Here are the few photos that various family members snagged while on the field. We were all really hungry and wanted to go eat!

EJ holding JB and being goofy
leaving the stage (second, almost on 15 yard line)
JB and Mom
my three hooligan baby brothers: TJ, EJ, and JB
there we all are with Mom (I was hiding my cup behind my back!)

I said they followed in big brother’s bootsteps, right? Oh, and because EJ was a pitcher, the younger two wanted to pitch as well – and they did. I’ll give you one guess as to who was their catcher. 😉 Here are some pictures over the years of them doing just that – following big brother.

EJ and JB looked up to their two oldest boy cousins, Mikey (L) and Ricky (R), both deceased :*(
all 3 asleep on the floor in my hotel room when we went to Corpus several years ago
EJ and TJ (summer 2013)
c. Hurricane Katrina
EJ and TJ – at EJ’s basic training graduation – Oct. 2011
JB and EJ (Oct. 2011)
with big brother (summer 2013)
Displaying 20140614_164410.jpg
L-R: EJ and JB wielding chainsaw – this was a few years apart, but same chainsaw
I know this doesn’t look like much, but it was the only time they interacted on the field. Seniors vs. Alum
and oldie! JB, EJ, TJ and me
loading cattle
they are ready! sign ’em up! (Oct. 2011)
Seniors vs. Alum (EJ and JB)
JB and EJ (who had surgery for breaking a bone during a ruck march in basic) – March 2014
EJ said he would drive this Hummer for all cancer survivors and for those who couldn’t finish the fight
EJ’s graduation, 2011
JB’s 8th grade graduation

6 thoughts on “My Brothers Graduated!

  1. Awwww, congrats to your brothers, Charlie! It’s such a monumental moment when they finally finsih a chapter in their lives and then off to a new one. I wish them and you well in all your endeavors ❤

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

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