May Monthly Chit Chat

I shared in last month’s Chit Chat that we are in our new home and the books are on the shelf, but we have just now finally got everything under control and in their new spots. It has been a daunting task – and all because of a missing piece of glass!

You may have noticed I made a few big changes to Girl of 1000 Wonders about mid-April. I chose a brighter theme and added a page for reviews and my reading challenge by year. Since then I’ve also added the BBC challenge and interviews and guest posts by year. All of these pages can be found in the top right corner under the orangey-red circle. That’s where the pages are hiding. ūüôā

I chose not to participate in BCP’s Reading Group for April. Kate sent out four books by the same author well into the month and I could not drop my blog tour books and wreak havoc on my reading schedule, so there was not a Reading Group book for April. Sorry Kate!

Shaking out the DeadIn April I was contacted and asked to participate in the Spread the Word Initiative from The Story Plant, an independent fiction publisher. All I have to do is talk about the books! How easy is that? One day I got a package from an unknown sender – the head of the the company, turns out – and it was my first Spread the Word Initiative title. The book that Lou sent me is Shaking Out Dead by K.M. Cholewa.

I am proud to say that I am 31 (of 52) books deep, or 60%, into my Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge. The indicator says I am 14 books ahead of schedule! Given where I was in September, I am pretty proud of this feat!

I have signed up for a relatively good number of tours and blasts. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming!

Tours running in May¬†are…

Venice in the Moonlight ~ April 21-May 2

Prejudice Meets Pride BLAST ~ April 28-May 2

Prejudice Meets Pride TOUR ~ May 5-23

Broken Arrow ~ May 5-16

The Legionnaire’s Prize ~ May 12-16

As Is BLITZ ~ May 13

Black Orchid COVER REVEAL ~ May 13

The Almond Tree BLAST ~ May 14-20

The Dragon’s Egg ~ May 26-June 6

The Almond Tree TOUR ~ May 28-June 6

I have reviews tentatively scheduled through the beginning of August. I will be supplementing what I already have scheduled, since I read books in advance and schedule posts typically a month in advance, with my summer reads as I read them.

Currently I am 30¬†books¬†deep in¬†my review queue. This does not include the Reading Group book from BCP¬†or any books I requested from NetGalley. I stopped accepting books for review at the end of April so that I could focus on all the books in my physical TBR pile and the thousands of books I’ve downloaded on my Kindle. As you can see, it’s difficult for me to get in those reads with a steady 20-30 book review queue each month.

I Am Currently Reading:


Reads Next on My Plate: 




Dogs with Bagels




The Serpent's Ring (Relics of Mysticus, #1)

The Trickster's Totem (Relics of Mysticus, #2)

The Dragon's Egg (Relics of Mysticus, #3)

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