Spotlight + Excerpt: Stealing Time

Today is all about Nancy Pennick’s new novel, Stealing Time.

st book cover largeTitle: Stealing Time
Author: Nancy Pennick
Release Date: February 2014
Length: 225 pages
Series?: Waiting for Dusk #3
Genre: YA
Source: Back Cover Promotions

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As senior year comes to a close, a promise of new beginnings is on the horizon. Kate longs to head to Arizona and college until her former friend, Tyson, does the unimaginable forcing her to stay in Ohio. Her family has to pull together to keep their secrets safe. Anna wishes to return to the canyon in 1927 once more and Kate’s determined to make that a reality. Summer’s filled with wonderful memories and little warning of things to come. Kate’s world grows darker and she must be the one to conquer the demons and save the world that is most precious to her.


“Oh my gosh, Drew. Tyson’s got the book!” Kate began to cry hysterically. What she feared most just transpired. The book got into the wrong hands.

Drew sat her down on the bed, putting his arm around her to calm her. “No one can see you like this. Try and pull yourself together. We have to let your dad know right away. We’ll figure out a way to get it back.”

“I’ll tell Carl. He’s good at figuring out what to do.” Kate got up and wiped her eyes with a tissue. “How do I look?” She turned to Drew.

“Like you’ve been crying.”

“Not good.”

“Take a minute and compose yourself. I’m going to find Jack and bring him up.” Drew disappeared and within a minute was back with Kate’s dad.

“Are you two sure you checked everywhere?” Her father glanced around the room. “I don’t know what to say.” He hit himself lightly in the head. “Think! I want to be an investigative reporter, and I’ve got nothing.”

“Investigative reporter?” Her father’s comment distracted Kate for a moment. “Where did that come from?”

“Always wanted to be one. Maybe write a crime novel or two.”

“But your books are about travel and…”

“Just fluff pieces, practice.” Her father abruptly cut her off. He rubbed his face. “Sorry to be so gruff.”

“We’re all upset. Can’t think straight right now.” Drew laid his hand on Jackson’s shoulder. “We’ve got this. Go back to the party.”

“Do a thorough search and then come down. Act like nothing’s happened.” Kate’s dad turned and left the room.

They stayed a few minutes longer, feeling under the bed, crawling on the floor, searching corners of the room.

“Drew, it’s pointless. He has the book. I know he does. I’ll just wait till he leaves tomorrow and run over to his house. I’ll make some excuse to his mom and find the book.”

“I’ll feel better when I see the book for myself.” Drew stood up. “Let’s get back.”

Time seemed to drag. Kate felt like the party she looked forward to would now never end. Tyson returned with Erin, and it was hard to be civil. Kate knew she needed to be nicer than ever and managed to get him alone in the house before he left. He was more than happy to come with her, telling Erin he’d meet her at the car.

“Ty, I’m working on Drew. I think he’s close to making his decision.”

Tyson grabbed Kate and swung her in the air, lightly kissing her. In the past, she would have protested, but now she had to go along with it. She cringed when she saw the look of surprise on his face. He saw it as a sign to come in for another, longer kiss.

“Don’t push it.” Kate put her hands up and gave him a slight shove. Tyson laughed like he did in her dream.

“You’re still a challenge. There’s nobody like you.” Tyson threw his head back and let out a loud whoop that no one seemed to hear. “One day…one day…” He nodded his head. “We’ll be together. Have a good trip…Arizona, right? See…I pay attention. I won’t be here to say good-bye or hello when you get back, but I’ll see you in my dreams.”

Tyson tried to get one more kiss, but Kate was able to dodge him. He headed for the front door, turned and saluted her before finally leaving.

Oh, you’ll be seeing me alright but not in your dreams and not in 1927 if I can help it. Kate slammed the door behind him.

unnamedAbout the Author

After a great career in teaching, Nancy found a second calling as a writer. Ohio is her home but she loves to travel the U.S. Her debut young adult novel, Waiting for Dusk, was a surprise to her as much as it was to her family. Watching a PBS series on National Parks, her mind wandered to another place and that is where the characters of Katie and Andrew were born. Call of the Canyon and Stealing Time continue their story. The Swedish influences found in the books came from her mother, whose parents emigrated from Sweden.

Nancy currently resides in Mentor, Ohio with her husband and their college-age son.

Find the author: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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