Author Interview: Anne Pfeffer


Anne Pfeffer, author of Girls Love Travis Walker, is here in the Land of 1000 Wonders today. She is starting to wrap up her blog tour for the novel, which I adored. Read my review here

Thank you for your interview. Can you tell readers a little about yourself?

Sure, and thank you for your interest in my book! I’ve been an avid reader all my life, but came to writing later, after working as an editorial assistant, a banker, and an attorney doing pro bono adoptions for abandoned children. And also –my favorite job—as a stay-at-home mom. They say women can’t have it all, but I have. Just not all at the same time!

Can you give readers a glimpse of Travis Walker’s character?

For those who haven’t read my book yet, think of Travis as a cross between the Will Smith character in The Pursuit of Happyness (yes, that’s how they spell it in the movie) and Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights.

In other words, he’s both a good person trying to keep his family off the streets and a sexy bad boy who meets the right girl and falls hard.

Travis Walker is not your typical character we normally find in novels. How did he come into creation?

I accidentally encountered a guy in an online chat room—the sort of guy I would not ordinarily meet! I only spoke to him once, but let’s just say he led me to create the Travis Walker character.

What inspired you to write Girls Love Travis Walker?

Meeting the guy I mentioned above, along with the fact that I wanted to research fire fighting and write a book with some action and adventure in it. From there, the story just grew as I wrote.

How did you choose the title Girls Love Travis Walker?

It came to me early, and I ended up keeping it. I meant it ironically, but some people don’t take it that way and find the title misleading. If I had it to do again, I might title my book The Story of Travis Walker.

What do you want readers to take away from your novel?

Truthfully? I just hope they find it to be a great story. If I’m being really honest, I hope readers will love the characters, feel every moment of the story with them, and be sad when it ends. That’s how I feel about my favorite books.

Where do you like to write?

At home in my jammies. I can happily remain in this lump-like state for days.

What does a typical day for you look like?

The answer just above pretty much says it. Although I do take my dog out a lot for walks and visit the local Y. And I spend a lot of time with my family.

Do you have any books in the works? Will we see Travis again?

I’ve just finished an animal fantasy called Undercover Hamster. It’s for third through fifth graders. And I’m starting a new book – an adult book. I’m literally only four pages into it, but the current opening line is: I was halfway through my second pint of Ben & Jerry’s when the fire alarm went off.

As for Travis, I’ve thought of re-writing the book from Zoey’s point of view (it would be a much different book than GLTW). But that’s on the back burner for now.

What are your future goals as a writer?

I hope to keep writing and eventually earn my living that way. And I’d like to expand my readership base and write books that people buy and enjoy for many years. We’ll see!

Find the book: Website | Goodreads | Amazon

The blog tour was conducted by CBB Book Promotions.


3 thoughts on “Author Interview: Anne Pfeffer

  1. This is a really great interview, I learned a lot! That’s really interesting that the idea of Travis came from a one time chat with a guy on the internet. I also think a book from Zoey’s POV would be really interesting!
    Thanks so much for hosting a tour stop!

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