Book Review: The Flirting Field Guide

Title: The Flirting Field Guide
Author: Myrna Kirk
Publisher: Dating Books
Release Date: April 2013
Length: 50 pages
Series?: Across the Universe #3
Genre: self-help, dating
Format: e-book
Source: agent

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How To Flirt and Get Any Woman

I Believe Any Man Can Get The Woman of His Dreams With These Proven Principles

You could be just a one flirty conversation away from meeting the woman of your dreams! In this book you will learn:

How To Overcome Anxiety, Fear and Low Self Esteem

In this life-changing book by Myrna Kirk, you will learn the keys to overcoming anxiety, fear, low self esteem. Did you know that low self-confidence in men is one of the biggest turnoffs for women – especially gorgeous, attractive women who are approached regularly by other guys.

Using some simple, proven strategies, you can conquer fear and anxiety and learn to be self-confident when you’re talking to and flirting with women.

How To Build Attraction and Make Her Beg To See You Again

One of the biggest mistakes men make when flirting is coming on too strong or too directly. Women love mystery and intrigue, and nothing will turn her off faster than saying “I want you!” or anything that directly states your interest in her. Instead, you must learn to indirectly communicate your interest in her and give her mixed signals through teasing and playfulness that make her wonder, “Is this guy really interested in me or not?” Unless she’s wondering, you have no hope!


This is my second self-help book to read this month. I received this book quite a while back, and squeezed it in my reading schedule. I am very proud of myself for reading it, as I have been putting it off since it’s not my typical cup of tea.

First, please note the page length. I read this in 45 minutes. I would not consider this a guide chock full of resources.

While reading Kirk’s instructions to men, I couldn’t help but scoff at some of the things she said about women. At various points, all I could think was, “If some guy did that to me, it’d be adios asshat! Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

However, she did put a lot of emphasis on the fact that for women, it’s about the journey (not the destination) that is important, while for men it’s the exact opposite. Men want to see results (the destination)…and in most cases, don’t give two flips about the journey, but that men need to develop that mystery and romanticism to help the journey. I very much agree.

If nothing else, this is an interesting read on someone’s perspective of what is needed to date women.

About the Author

Myrna Kirk has worked in the area of personal empowerment and individual development for the past 12 years. She designs and facilitates workshops and seminars that assist participants to discover their greatest potential as individuals and find ways to better connect with others in their lives. She has a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology and is currently working on a series of books that specifically deals with the challenges people face developing and sustaining personal and romantic relationships. She lives with her partner in the picturesque town of Parys, South Africa.

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