31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 15

Tell me: how are you like your ma/pa?

Oh, what a can of worms! Ok, here goes:

I am a lot like my mother in a lot of ways. I don’t look anything like her, except for my eyes and cheekbones.

I am a lot like my father in looks and some mannerisms.

I am the spitting image of my father, right down to the stocky build (enhanced by my curves) and the broad shoulders. I very clearly exhibit my Swedish heritage. I’m fair and blonde, like the Swedes. The genes on my father’s side of the family run strong, and I have been mistaken for both my grandmother and aunt.

I am also like my father in some of my mannerisms. I worry, about everything. I’ve been working on this, and it surprises me how worrisome my father is to have married a woman like my mother, who takes everything in stride. This is evident by my ever short nails and nervous stomach pains, things I really need to ditch. I’ve found getting a manicure every so often helps with one of these. 😉

I am also loud like my father, really loud, even in regular conversation. Or perhaps that’s a result of just the way I grew up, never able to get a word in edgewise. I don’t know. I attribute it to my dad, since he is louder in nature than my mom. And I also inherited his penchant for being nosey. It’s genetic!

I also think I inherited my father’s slow metabolism, instead of my mother’s fast one. Oh, and his height! My mother is taller than my father. 🙂

My dad seems overloaded in my genes, but biology tells us I get an even number of traits from both parents….but I don’t believe it.

I have the same blue eyes as my mother, as do all of my brothers. I have my mother’s Cherokee cheekbones. I inherited the ample bosom, and bad knees on her side of the family.

I am intelligent and logical like my mother. I am sentimental like my mother. I am kind and compassionate like my mother. I am steely-eyed like my mother when I have a mind to do something. I am strong like my mother.

That’s about where it all ends.

Upper Left: Me about age 13
Right: My father’s mother
Me and my father – 2011
Me and my mother – 2009


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