31 Day Blog Challenge – Day 12

Share: Your Bucket List

Please, please read the introduction to this blog challenge here. Please also go read BLT’s chocolate bucket list post. She has shared her bucket list in a fantastic way. I love the way she likened bucket lists to boxes of chocolates. 🙂

I want to preface my bucket list by saying the original list I created in college got lost. I don’t remember everything that was on it. I created a second, newer bucket list with MUCH more on it…several notebook pages of my list. I have only included *most* of my bucket list here.

love – just give it, endlessly

skydive (not the indoor kind!)

scuba dive in the Caribbean

go on a blind date  Spring 2010 – One bad date turned into a STALKER! In all seriousness, I had to file a sexual harassment claim with my campus police. It was bad.

travel across Texas – visit all the weird names on the Texas list

Russia – photo in hat in the snow


see the Chippendales in person (take Mom?)

drive until the map turns blue (West Coast!)

enclose a porch

learn to play guitar

learn to garden…like a pro!

buy a house

kiss underwater

kiss in the rain

go to St. Cloud

get my Master’s degree

write for a newspaper

get my driver’s license – Backstory: My mother refused to let me, I drove my BFF’s old 93 GMC in San Marcos to learn. Took my driver’s test in July 2011 at age 22, in my aunt’s Explorer with a messed up gearshift. The lady kept telling me I wouldn’t be able to parallel park, I was going to hit the curb, I would fail. That lady had crow for lunch! And not one complaint about my driving.

ride in a hot air balloon

take a photography class

have a badass Halloween costume

convince Mom to get a baby goat – enlist EJ to help annoy and attain goal

have an awesome tan…again

go antiquing – and BUY something

San Diego Zoo

Open Good Time Charlie’s – have Russel, Jason and Joe play there

go camping

don’t waste the pretty! (Thanks Greg!)

live in a beach house

date night on the River Walk  Labor Day 2013 – Daniel’s mom was sure he proposed! Shh – that’s our little secret. 😉

learn yoga

go back to Orlando – do it all! ride it all! no time table

join a kickball team

throw a party for my mom – invite all her old classmates, friends, coworkers

attend a masquerade ball

learn to shoot (and get CHL)

carve a badass pumpkin

catch lightning bugs in summer

climb to a treehouse

learn to paint

go on a police ride-along (Joe Hebbe?)


go on a scavenger hunt

spend the whole summer in the pool  Summer 2011…but it can happen again!

wear a bikini – at my goal weight (175)

go on a safari

finish the family tree


finish my novel

take dance lessons – with Daniel

I’m stealing this from BLT:

And if I don’t finish everything on my list – that’s okay – I was doing other things to fill my bucket…remember to eat the chocolate!

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