31 Day Blog Challenge

31 day blog challenge

Inspired by The Next Thing on My List, I said I would post my own bucket list (that I started in college, well before I read this book). And through some perusing to add spice to TNTOML post, I discovered the blog While on This Side. I decided January was the perfect time to share this with all of you, as the new year is traditional for New Year’s resolutions. (Here is BLT’s first #31bdc post.)

The first thing I stumbled across was the blog post in which she shared her “chocolate bucket list.” That’s what I said I’d do, but she put a different spin on the traditional bucket list: the list is like a box of chocolates (thanks Forest!). This is what she says…and I TOTALLY agree!

The great thing about this is not knowing how it will turn out. I don’t know if I will eat all of the chocolates, per say (taste-buds can change overtime)… And I may end up with more than one box of chocolates or perhaps even, chocolates  from someone else’s box – because there’s something in there they don’t like or because they are such a generous person and would like to give me some chocolate… This bucket list will change (by having things added/removed) over time as it adjusts to my life and what’s going on and I’m fine with that. In the end, I want a bucket full of wrappers & some chocolate left for others.

But then I noticed something: The 31 Day Blog Challenge. And unlike some things I’ve seen people do (such as post “selfie” photos each day or something about their day on Facebook), this one had some meat to it – it wasn’t a challenge just for the sake of being silly, starting a trend, or following the masses. It has some meaning behind it, and there are some important tasks. As they said back in the day, it’s well-rounded and wholesome.

So, I’ve decided to do the 31 Day Blog Challenge.

For each day in January I am going to post different content for the 31 days, in addition to all of the normal postings. Each day is going to have a  different theme, topic, or question.

How does this involve you?

Well, I encourage you to join in on the 31 Day Blog Challenge!

If You Blog

Please share your blog challenge for the specific day! Post the link in the comments section.
Use BLT’s WOTWS Button to put at the bottom of your challenge posts, or on the side bar of your blog. Go grab her button!

If You Have Twitter

Along with your response to that days topic, use the hashtag: #31dbc
Tweet about my posts so that others can see it!

If You Have Facebook

You, too, can post your response to that day’s topic, and at the end of your status update use the hashtag #31dbc, or tag my and BLT’s Facebook pages: Girl of 1000 Wonders and While On This Side. Remember to make those specific updates public so we can see them!

You can also post directly on our Facebook walls, found here:  >> Girl of 1000 Wonders …&…While On This Side <<


Leave a comment! Whether you want to answer the topic for the day, make a comment about my post, or ask a question – go ahead! I want to hear what YOU have to say! 🙂

Below is the daily layout for January’s 31 Day Blog Challenge. Save the photo, share it on your blog, use it in your posts, whatever you like. Each day blog about the topic designated for that day. Can’t wait to see what you blog about! 🙂

Look for my first post of the challenge tomorrow!

Wanna know what’s on the challenge?

31 days blog challenge! 

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