Kindle Must-Know Resources

Please pass this on! I stole this from Zombie Bible on Facebook.

If you received a Kindle for Christmas, here are some must-know-about resources for you:

Kindle Daily Deals – Get this newsletter from Amazon in your inbox each morning, with a heads-up on classics and popular fiction that have a 24-hour price drop. For example, on Christmas Day you can get THE KITE RUNNER for $1.99. Often, there are separate dail deals for mainstream fiction, romance, scifi & fantasy, children’s or young adult.

Sign up here:

Kindle MatchBook – If you bought a print book from Amazon some time in the past and you want an ebook copy, Amazon will give you the ebook for $2.99, $1.99, 99 cents, or free – depending on the book.

Check your books here:

Kindle Owners Lending Library – Once a month, you can borrow a book for free. No deadlines for returning it. *must have Amazon Prime*

350,000 books currently in the library:

Kindle Singles – These are short stories and short essays, across all genres, by writers ranging from Stephen King to that new person you never heard of. They are hand-selected by a team at, and three are featured each week. Price ranges $0.99-$2.99.

It’s an eclectic and intelligent collection that is exclusive to kindle, very worth browsing:

Bookbub – Sign up for the Bookbub newsletter, an independent free newsletter that sends you a daily update on 5-7 deals (ranging from free to $2.99), across genres.

Sign up here:

Kindle’s Most Popular FREE Titles

Kindle’s Classics FREE Titles

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