I’m Reading Again!!

Oh, my book blogging folks! What a joy this is to share with all of you!

Yesterday I picked up a book I recently bought at my school’s book fair – and I started READING!

I don’t think I can express how happy and relieved I feel that I have some time to myself that I could go back to doing something I enjoy. It was so nice.

I know I have a list of authors – several with series – that I promised reviews back in August. And then the chaos of school started, and I haven’t had an ever-loving minute to even take a shower when I get home late at night (we’re talking 8 and 9 pm)…and then I discovered a couple issues with my spine, which equates to 12 weeks of appointments, 3x/week. :-/

Needless to say, it has not been a very successful start.  The possibly permanent issues (after years left alone) with my spine have been a curse, but also a blessing in disguise. I now HAVE to leave my school before 6 pm most days of the week in order to get to my appointments.

For those particular folks I promised reviews: I will still review your book(s)….eventually. Let me get time for a shower tackled, and then the reading will follow. 🙂

Thank you for hanging in with me and being understanding and supportive. I keep telling my kids they need to jump on the Reading Train, and so do I!

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