BuzzFeed: 65 Books You Need To Read In Your 20s

BuzzFeed, a popular entertainment site, has released a list of 65 books that people should read while in their 20s. Clicking the link will take you to the list on Goodreads…although that list has now grown to 75 books. ()

This interested me, just like the BBC’s list of 100 Books – which was totally issued as an excellent challenge! The BBC said that most people only read 6 out of the 100 books listed. And there’s a second installment I JUST discovered: the BBC’s list of 101-200.

Although I’m interested in BuzzFeed’s list, just as I was with the BBC’s list, this BuzzFeed list also raised some questions. I’d like to hear your answers.

First off, where did these other 10 books come from? Who added the other 10? Why? Which books are the original 65? I think it’s important to denote which books have been added.

What do you think? Does your age really matter when it comes to reading a book? Will it change the way you receive the storyline, characters and ultimately, the author? Do you think gender plays a large part in these lists? For example, would a man have written this list as opposed to a woman? Would a man’s list look different than a woman’s? Oh, an entire study could be done about that!

What do you think of the books that made this list? Are there some books you think shouldn’t be on this list? What other books do you think should have been included?

Who gets to make this list? That’s what I always wonder: who gets to pick these books and make these lists? What are their credentials? Have they read ALL of these books? Are they “experts” in these books?

Even with the BBC’s list, which I became aware of in high school – my junior year, actually – I wondered these questions.

Thank you, Deb Ostis, for introducing me to that BBC 100 books list. I’ve currently knocked out 13 of the 100 original books on the list (six on the second list), am still in chapter 32 of Gone With the Wind, and own several other books on the list that I plan to read soon.

Perhaps the BBC’s lists are something else I will post…Yes, I will. But some more reviews before that happens. Check back and let’s compare our completed lists!

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