Do you care about reading?

Well, do ya?

Then go vote for my school!

Right now, it’s questionable whether any language arts classes in my 5th-8th grade school will have any classroom computers to utilize. I’ve already heard it’s hard to get into the computer lab once people start booking it because they’re computer hogs. I want to be able to do one classroom reading blog with all of my students from all of my classes (2 Pre-AP ELA, 5 regular ELA and “Impact”) to be able to participate in a reading community using technology. Not only will it help with their writing and editing skills, it will also help teach them online etiquette AND motivate them to read. If they don’t read their books, they can’t participate in the blog.

Target is giving $5 million away to schools – you just have to go vote for it! Once a school gets 25 votes, they get $25. Every vote after that equals a dollar donated. You can vote weekly until September 21 or until all of the $5 million has been awarded.

All of my readers, please go vote for my school – and if you’re feeling particularly benevolent, go share the link with your friends. I appreciate all of the support!

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