Book Bloggy Friends: Policy on Blog Tours?

Call to all book bloggy friends! 

I am relatively new to book blogging since starting in January.

In June I was asked to do a book blog tour for J. Daniel Parra’s Pieces of Tracy. I had no idea what I even got myself into – I had to ask friends and Daniel’s agent. I’d already done an interview with Linda Harley (author of Destiny’s Flower) after several exchanged emails, but didn’t know that could be considered a blog tour. I know, total noob.

I recently had a bad experience with an agent. It made me initially want to chuck the whole idea of blog tours and not do them again. I ended up pulling the remainder of the materials, and then felt guilty so I posted them…but without the fanfare.

Bloggy friends, what is your take on book blog tours or other promotional posts?

Do you have guidelines/expectations you send out to those who express interest of these types of things, or do you avoid them altogether? Do you only do work with independent, self-published or small press authors (marketing their own books), big time traditional publishers, both?

What do you have to say about all of this? I definitely need your feedback.

Tell me what you think by leaving a comment, or you can email me at

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