Writing is Therapeutic

Billy Ray today

I don’t normally stray from book reviews, but this was something I had to share since this is a writing/reading community.

Recently, country star Billy Ray Cyrus (1992 hit Achy Breaky Heart) has released his memoir, Hillbilly Heart. I read this in an article published by The Boot about Cyrus’ return to the small screen and his memoir.

Billy Ray in the early 90s

Yes, I did love his hit Achy Breaky Heart as kid, and I did watch Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, but that’s not why Cyrus or this article are important to me. Something he said about writing his memoir struck home with me. If someone had asked me why I write, I don’t think I could have said it any better than Billy Ray did. He is perfectly spot-on how I wish I could answer the ever-burning question of why writers write:

The 51-year-old says writing the book was healing for him, even though much of the process was painful at the time. “The book is just the truth,” he tells The Boot. “But in writing it, [I was] remembering and uncovering so many things that I had tried to bury away somewhere because they were painful to think about. Writing the book has been therapeutic.”

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